Our range of adhesives includes hot melt, dispersion adhesives and specialty adhesives, each developed to handle different industrial tasks. Our wide range of adhesives provides versatility and ensures cost-effective production.

Hot melt units






Cold glue equipment


Packaging closure and carton erection

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Cardboard and tray erection

Bag forming / filling / closing

Box forming / filling / closing

Bag and sack manufacturing

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Pasty glue for bag production

Starch glue for sack production

Adhesive types for side and bottom gluing

Adhesives for reactivation / heat sealing


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Can labelling

Labelling of glass jars

Bottle labelling, glass and synthetic

For the graphics industry

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Adhesives for caching and lamination

Paper / cardboard lamination

Glossy foil laminating

Aluminium foil lamination

Special film for paper and cardboard

Flexible packaging

Wallpaper lamination

Varnishes and functional coatings

Corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging

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Side tank gluing

Overhead glue tank – for 4- and 6- spot gluing

Window gluing

Tube winding

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Spiral winding

Envelope winding

Anaconda seal

Kuverter, blanketter og direct mails

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Side glue

Window glue

PVAc / dextrin for glue flap

Latex for self-adhesive prod.

PS adhesive types for adhesive flaps with silicone paper

Products for the wood industry

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General assembly


Panel production

Edge gluing

Wood finish


Membrane pressing

Contact glue and special glue

Industrial and craftsmanship book production

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For the production of book covers

Dispersion and hot melt spine glue

Animal glue for back lining

Casing in adhesives

The tobacco industry

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Cigarette production

Packaging closure

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